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The information requested below will aid us in evaluating your feeding or handling application and in recommending appropriate solutions. Please fill out as completely as possible and add any additional information, sketches, etc., that might aid us in a clearer understanding of your requirements.

If you would like to send sketches of your product, please download this form in .pdf format, print it off, and after having completed it, please fax it to us at (310)885-5691.                                              Download app_ques.pdf (20k)



Contact Information


Name:             Title:


Firm:     Mail stop or Dept.:


Street:                 City:  


State/Providence:                                Zip:      


Phone:      Ext.:       Fax:


E-Mail address:    Web Site:


Application Specifications


We are considering a Minimus Feeder for the following application:


We need:                   The feeder only

A complete system or piece of equipment.


Number of units required:


Requirement is:         Current

                                    In 3 to 6 months

                                    Possible future use

                                    O.E.M. for resale

                                    In-house use


Type of part to be handled:


Part description and dimensions:


Discharge from feeder by means of:          Vacuum pick-up probe

                                                                        Gravity drop or chute

                                                                        Means of pick-up available

                                                                        To be part of package



Feed Rate (parts per hour):


Feed direction (viewed from above):          clockwise



Part orientation:         Is required

                                    Is Not required


Additional information:


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